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Luca Galbiati

Luca has been a sugar trader since 2008. Luca has an in-depth knowledge of the Southern African sugar industries and also Central American producers. Luca specialises in creating bespoke sugar procurement structures for consumers in Europe and a number of Southern African countries. Luca is an Italian national speaking English, Italian, Spanish and French and studied Business Management at King’s College London.

Simon Johnson

Simon has been a sugar trader since 1999. Between 2002 and 2006, Simon was based in Singapore working closely with key producers and industrial consumers. Simon returned to London and was tasked with growing Czarnikow's African consumer business which saw significant growth from 2006 onwards. Simon's key areas of focus are North and West Africa. Simon was awarded a Bachelor’s degree with Honours in Agriculture and Land Management from the Royal Agricultural College.

Rory Wilson

Rory is an experienced sugar trader and a qualified corporate lawyer having practised at City law firm SJ Berwin LLP. Rory uses his legal expertise to assist buyers and producers on contractual matters. Rory focuses on the supply of sugar to consumers in Europe and Central Asia. Rory graduated with a Joint Honours (MA) degree in French and European History from the University of Edinburgh and is a fluent French speaker.

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